Metallic Gold Guitar Waterslide Decals for Gibson Style 3x3 Headstocks


Premium hand screen-printed metallic gold and silver waterslide decals for Gibson styled 3×3 headstocks. Works for any color headstock.

Please fill out what each part of the decal should say below. We will email a preview for your approval within 2 days of purchase. More info below.



These are HAND SILK SCREEN PRINTED metallic decals. Decals are rarely made this way these days due to how challenging it is, but the results are phenomenal so we had to take it up! They are a step above decals printed in chalky ink with a machine – they really are incomparable. This process is the closest thing on the market to what Leo himself started with.

These will fit most Gibson styled 3×3 headstocks of any color. The metallic ink is opaque and stands out very well.

===After Your Purchase===
Once you purchase, we will email an image preview of how the decal will look via email/message within 2 days. Once you approve the design, we will take 2-3 days to make and ship it. This is due to the fact that silk screen printing decals is more time consuming and we do not want to rush the process.

===Decal Application Instructions===
Having a layer or two of finish on the headstock will be optimal. (You will get a printed copy of the instructions with your order)

1. Cut around the entire image leaving a 1-2 millimeter edge.
2. Put the decal in room temperature water for 30 to 60 seconds.
3. Carefully take the decal out of the water and separate the transparent layer from the paper backing and place it on the desired spot on the headstock.
4. Gently press out any bubbles and lightly pat with a cloth to dry it.
5. Let the decal dry for at least a few hours.

This particular decal is thin and blends very well with the headstock; however, you can spray a clear coat over it as well after applying it. I have had no trouble using regular clear spraypaint on it and nitrocellulose lacquer.

We ship by USPS First Class Mail and you can expect delivery within 1-5 days after shipping. The decals are shipped inside an ENVELOPE so make sure you do not mistake it for something else!


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